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IIFL Investment Managers

IIFL Investment Managers
At IIFL Wealth, we are always focused on ensuring technology partners the business team to provide solutions for sales team as well as end customer needs. We realized, that one thing our HNI clients would love is to save time. Hence receiving a crisp 2 minute video summary of their portfolio would be a welcome change for them. These video statements have been designed to allow our clients to interact directly with their relationship managers through Whatsapp and a phone-call. We have partnered with Bangalore based Amigobulls team to offer these personalized video statements to our clients.
Abhishek Chandra - IIFL Investment Managers
Mr. Abhishek Chandra
Partner & Head - Technology
IIFL Investment Managers

Hexagon Wealth

Hexagon Capital Advisors Private Limited
At Hexagon Wealth, we are always looking at ways to wow our clients and take their engagement with us to the next level. Amigobulls has helped us achieve this through their EnrichVideo Platform. We were pleasantly surprised by the response we received from our clients to these video statements.
Srikanth Bhagavat - Hexagon Wealth
Mr. Srikanth Bhagavat
Managing Director
Hexagon Wealth
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