How Legacy Chose To Stand Out From The Crowd With Personalized 'Republic Day' Videos

11, Feb 2019 – Legacy Investment Managers has successfully broken through the huge clutter of Republic Day wishes to stand out as an organization that does what is needed to truly engage with its HNI clients. Personalization has been an important part of Legacy’s communication and with its interactive video wishes, they’ve taken "customer delight" to the next level.

EnrichVideo Platform enabled Legacy to deliver this experience to their prospect clients. The goal was to create a unique client experience and also enable all clients to know more about various Legacy’s offerings. Amigobulls' EnrichVideo Platform was used for creating personalized videos that were interactive as well. Legacy’s clients were able to download Legacy brochure and also indicate their interest via call and whatsapp right from the video itself. The campaign was delivered across multiple channels like email, sms and whatsapp. The video campaign has been hugely successful with 60% of the viewers watching the video till the end and many of them expressing interest by downloading the brochure.

Speaking on the occasion, Legacy founder Shagun Khosla said, "We were looking for digital innovation that would allow us to reach out to our large prospect client base in a personalized way. EnrichVideo Platform allowed us to not only personalize the videos but also enabled our clients to reach out to us from the video itself."

About Amigobulls Inc.

EnrichVideo Platform - Personalized Marketing Videos

Amigobulls' EnrichVideo Platform can be used by companies to send personalized marketing videos to their customers enabling a one-on-one connect which each customer. The videos are created using our patent pending technology which can create 1000s of videos in just a few minutes and are designed for mobile devices. The solution also allows for greater interactivity in the form of calls, messages, and likes. The result is higher customer engagement and increase in sales.

Amigobulls is backed by India's top angel investors including Mr. Mohandas Pai, and Mr. Sharad Sharma. Amigobulls raised its seed round on India's leading angel investment platform Lets Venture.

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About Legacy Investment Managers.

Legacy Wealth Managers is a boutique wealth management firm that provides comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to high net-worth individuals. Mentored by the stalwarts of the business world - Mr. Sudhakar Rao and Mr. Prabhakar Raghavendra, our team boasts of a rich expertise in capital markets and investment management along with unparalleled levels of passion.

We recognize the value of optimizing and augmenting wealth and growing it into a legacy that stands the harsh test of time. Thus, we are equipped and committed to providing 360-degree financial solutions to facilitate all the investment decisions of our clients.

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